Pictory Review (pictory.ai)

Pictory.ai is an AI assisted video editing tool that runs online in your browser. In our opinion, the most valuable thing it might be able to do for you is convert blog articles or website home pages into videos. It takes a stab at that ambitious task on auto-pilot. After that, further editing – sometimes substantial – was needed in our experience.

That said, if you want the kind of videos pictory’s good at, it’ll significantly ramp up the speed of production compared with conventional editing software

To get a taste of the the URL-to-video workflow with Pictory, see the following video …

82% of global Internet Traffic came from video in 2022 (cisco.com)

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Speed: especially URL to videoLacks common video editing features such as freeze frame, reverse clip, speed up or slow down clip
Avoids analysis paralysis, research effort and procrastinationLearning curve: a few days’ effort to get up to speed with an interface we didn’t find to be very intuitive
Vast stock footage library at your disposalBug on “trim and change scene to match” (there’s a work around and Pictory assure us they’re working on a fix after we sent them screen casts of the bug in action)
Avoid need for own voice, paid voice actor, expensive audio equipment, acoustic problems, sound editing effortAI voice actors not always convincing
Especially helpful with generic subjects: work, travel, health, environment, relationships, human emotion and similar
Avoids need for powerful computer

A lack of the right stock clips can really throw a spanner in the video creation works. At the time of writing, a subscription to pictory.ai ($19 USD per month) is less than the unlimited subscription to Storyblocks itself ($30 per month).

Take it for a test drive on the free plan which allows you to make 3 ten minute videos


Will be more of interest to people and companies who need video fast and want – or can leverage – somewhat generic stock footage visuals

Won’t satisfy cutting-edge video editors who are looking to explore the limits of post production

The URL-to-video feature is – by far – the stand out concept in our opinion. This is the tool that can breathe new life into Texty Texterson blog posts or, in fact, any web page. The choices the AI makes need to be re-worked by a person, for sure. But at the same time, the AI can throw up welcome artistic directions you might not have thought of while almost completely unburdening you of your script-writing duties.

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