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We only review “hands on”. That’s to say, we actually try out the product or service in person. Our testers are realistic, demanding buyers who won’t hand out cheap compliments or shrink from tough calls

People don’t want to hear your opinion. They just want to hear their opinion coming out of your mouth

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Affiliate marketing status

For the majority of products reviewed on this site, if you click through to the vendor’s website and subsequently make a purchase, we stand to receive a small commission. When present, this commission is between us and the vendor and does not affect the price you pay unless we have an exclusive discount offer and in that case you’ll pay the vendor less than normal

That notwithstanding, our reviews are independent and our opinions are our own

“Negative” reviews?

If our final opinion of something is that we would “regret buying” it – and there are plenty of those – we just tend not to make a review of it

We want to spend our time finding worthwhile products which lead to worthwhile content and satisfied buyers