Review of HL-L8260cdw LCL brand compatible toner cartridge

Compatible with HL-L8260cdw, HL-L8360cdw, DCP-L8410cdw, MFC-L8610cdw, MFC-L8690cdw, MFC-L8900cdw

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We chose the LCL brand based on a very good price coupled with the apparent effort that had gone into packaging and branding. But we’ve tested it now, so your own decision can be more informed than ours was. The cartridge under review is yellow: that just happened to be the colour we needed at the time.

Unboxing and putting it in the machine were straight-forward and it started to print OK right from the get go.

Six months later, we’re still using the cartridge for production printing as we write this review. During that time it’s been involved in printing pretty much every invoice, shipping label, product label, catalogue and instruction booklet we’ve sent out.

In addition, we did a 1,000 page controlled print run using the ISO/IEC 19798 test suite. The LCL cartridge actually printed the thousand pages using one gram less toner than Brother’s own inbox yellow cartridge. That result gives a marginal efficiency advantage to the LCL toner powder.

Given that we’re still using the cartridge, what we’ve seen so far in terms of reliability, yield and longevity is encouraging.


Judging the quality of what desk top printers produce is tricky because there’s no objective standard for doing that. In addition, the yellow cartridge under review here is only responsible for part of the image: the other three colours – which weren’t LCL brand – also influence the end product.

Nevertheless, it’s meaningful to report that we’ve been merrily churning out production print with this cartridge for six months. We had no hesitation whatsoever in sending those prints out to our customers. See the video above for actual views of test prints involving this cartridge.

The verdict

  • Easy to use
  • 6 months – and counting – of trouble free print
  • toner powder yield compares favourably to Brother’s
  • Quality no one batted an eyelid at
  • Good price

We wouldn’t hesitate to get an LCL cartridge next time round.

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases

USA cartridge priceUK 4 pack price






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